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New Logo, New Initiatives


Introducing the new logo for Jenna's Doodles! Watch the video intro/explanation below:

Brief explanation of the new design:

The new logo represents a clean design approach, as well as an eco-friendly one. Clean lines represent an evolution in styling for Jenna's Doodles. This doesn't mean that the original styling will be going away, I'm just adding to the collection. I hope you like it!

Logo Icon Breakdown:

Eco-friendly Business Initiatives:

Another key point behind the new branding was a focus on making the business more eco-friendly. As a business that uses paper and packaging in the creation of my work, I knew it was time to research some better practices. I also hope that taking these new initiatives and including them in the rebrand will inspire others who rely on the same sort of materials to take similar action. The cost incurred is a bit more, but at the end of the day it's not significant enough not to do it, so I think it can be easily attainable for any sized business.

  • Compostable Packaging: Moving forward I will be packaging my greeting cards and prints in clear slips that are made from plants and are compostable. Compostable packaging will also be marked with a 'compostable' sticker so that customers are aware that it can be composted. And, the sticker is compostable too!*

  • 100% Recycled Material for Greeting Cards: Moving forward my greeting cards will be printed on 100% recycled material. You can get a little bit of speckling in the paper, but overall it looks really nice and has that recycled look.*

  • Kraft Paper Envelopes for Greeting Cards: These have always been 100% recycled material. I love the look and feel of these envelopes. They give the cards such a lovely natural look, and more importantly, they are better for the environment compared to other envelopes.

  • 100% Recycled Material for Backing Boards: These are the same backing boards that I have always used, but just wanted to highlight that they are 100% recycled material.

* Note: as I transition over to these eco-friendly alternatives, some of my products will still be packaged in the regular slips due to stock that I already have in hand and some of the greeting cards will be printed on sustainably sourced paper. Items packaged in the compostable slips will be marked with a 'compostable' sticker, and 100% Recycled greeting cards will be marked on the back.

So how did I start exploring a new style?

Getting an iPad led to more creativity than I could have expected. To be honest I am very surprised by how this tool has inspired and shaped some of my new work. Over the pandemic, I have had some creative blocks and have been frustrated that I haven't created more. With all of this time, I should have a plethora of new work, but I don't. I think I was in a predicament where I liked this new format for creating artwork on the ipad, but the style was a bit of a drift from my original hand-drawn work, and I felt guilty for wanting to explore a new path. But as I look over the time that's past, I realize I should take this opportunity of inspiration and just go with it, even if it's a bit different. Isn't this how we grow as artists?

As I explore new styles of design, I see some great benefits in expanding my style to include some cleaner options. When I say cleaner, I am referring to my linework. The original pieces have always been created by inking them by hand and then transferring the artwork onto the computer where I would clean it up and add colour. With the Ipad, I can make my designs have this nice silky smooth linework which I really nice. It has also opened up lots of room for experimentation. I have even gone back to some old doodles that never were released and have been recreating them on the iPad. That's been really cool!

Evolution Fun Fact: The original logo was never meant to be a logo!

I was asked for an image for one of the first events I did, so I quickly threw something together from a doodle I already had, and it kinda just stuck for the past 7 years.

It was challenging to decide to change it up. She has been with me since the beginning, "a representation of my crazy imagination", which is how I would explain the illustration.

This piece was initially intended to just be a print, which is still available today and is titled, "Crazy Imagination".

Do you want to make more eco-friendly choices in your business?

I would be more than happy to share my supply contacts with others who want to source more sustainable products. Whether it's for your business or personal projects, I hope that I can point you in the right direction.

Please feel free to reach out by email:

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