Hi, my name is Jenna Gregory and I am an artist and designer based out of Hamilton Ontario, Canada.

I create unique drawings that focus on cute and strange characters, the outdoors, travel, love and other weird and wonderful things. All of my doodle-style works are hand-drawn with ink and then scanned into my computer where I colour them in photoshop to make prints, cards, postcards, buttons and magnets.

The painting styled works are originally done on watercolour board with tea staining, ink and acrylic paint. Similarly, I scan the artwork and transfer it onto prints, cards, postcards, etc.

My passion is to create interesting and unique artwork that makes people smile and encourages the expression of positive emotions. There is far too much negativity in this world and I would like to focus on the brighter side; remind people to smile, laugh and enjoy the beauty of a playful imagination. 

I spend most of my summers setting up as a vendor at music festivals, and outside of summer I will participate in the odd pop-up art market. You may have also seen my work on Much Music where I do the guest portraits for the Mike On Much Podcast.

I am so thankful to be pursuing my passion. Thank you so much to everyone who helps support it.